Adore Me Services: Small space, big automation

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Anyone who has watched “Tiny House Hunters” knows that going small is one of the hottest trends in the real estate market. Whether it’s baby boomers downsizing for retirement or young couples simplifying their lives, people are foregoing McMansions for spaces not much bigger than a New York City studio apartment. But that doesn’t mean they’re giving up on McMansion amenities: These little places can be chock full of granite, tile and hardwood.

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Adore Me System Report: Putting automation to work

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Adore Me Services’ New Jersey distribution center relies on robotic goods-to-person picking and an automated putwall to fill as many as 8,000 orders per day.

Receiving: When a scheduled delivery arrives at receiving (1), the shipment is split into inventory for reserve storage (2) and replenishment of the robotic order picking system (3). Reserve storage inventory is audited, inspected for quality and palletized. Once those steps are complete, the receiver scans the product into the system and the pallet is ready for putaway. Inventory for the order picking system is also palletized for delivery to an induction location (4).

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Are the robots taking over?


The robots aim to make store associates more efficient, says Ragan Dickens, director of corporate communications for Walmart. “We view these machines as an assistant to the associate,” he says. “The machines enable associates to complete the other tasks within their assigned roles while the machines complete the mundane, repeatable tasks.”

The Alphabot is still being tested at the Salem store, but Walmart plans to pay close attention to the time it takes to fill online grocery pickup orders, “potentially creating even more convenience for customers by allowing them to order their groceries closer to the time they want to pick them up,” Dickens says.

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Adore Me unveils new distribution centre with robotics technology

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US-based online lingerie retailer Adore Me has unveiled a new distribution centre featuring robotics technology in Secaucus, New Jersey, US. The new 126,286ft² facility expands the retailer’s Adore Me Services (AMS), which is a part of the company’s second phase of international expansion. The company will use the new facility to streamline its operations, accommodate business growth and support product fulfilment to its stores.

Adore Me founder and CEO Morgan Hermand-Waiche said: “I’m delighted to announce that the distribution centre is fully up and running. The opening marks a very important and exciting milestone for Adore Me, as it will help to fuel our growth for the future.

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Adore Me seeks to disrupt brick-and-mortar with robotic DC

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A fast-growing online lingerie startup is creating an innovative foundation for its expansion into physical retail.

Adore Me has opened a 126,286-sq.-ft. distribution center in Secaucus, N.J. The startup automates order management in its center by combining two robotic technologies: AutoStore cube storage technology and Opex SureSort automated delivery sorting. AutoStore uses robots and a traffic management system to densely stack bins without traditional spacing. SureSort is a robotic sorter that automatically reads barcodes and delivers items in a single pass.

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Why and How Adore Me Launched Physical Retail Stores

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As the COO of Adore Me – a disruptive, innovative, online lingerie brand - I never thought I’d be announcing that we’re opening over 300 retail stores during the next five years. With daily headlines on how traditional retailers are closing stores, Adore Me is among the D2C brands moving towards opening physical retail. To us, the key to succeeding in retail is innovation and differentiation. For a previously online-exclusive brand, I want to take you through the thought process behind the decision.

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#RIC18: Adore Me And Bedgear Take Divergent Paths Into Brick-And-Mortar

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In an omnichannel world, innovators can choose multiple avenues to break into an existing market. Because of its relatively low cost of entry, many upstarts gravitate to e-Commerce first. Other startups choose to work with existing retailers to take advantage of their brand recognition, customer base and operational capabilities.

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